Belly button piercing?

who has theirs done?

well I do, my friend did

it for me, and its infected, its red, and white stuff inside.

does anyone know how to get rid of the infection?

not the doctor, cause my mom does not know lol


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  • Okay first of all you shouldnt have let your friend do it for you, but am not going to lecture you what's done is done, but she could have done it wrong so I hope that's not the case here.

    First of all there are things that you need to tell us! Did she do it by the piercing Gun? or by Needle?

    cause there are things to do inorder to get it right and not infected!

    By gun:

    You need to be wearing the same medical ring for at least 5 days before you change it.

    You need to clean it everyday with an Antibacterial. at least twice a day.

    You need to hold the ring with two fingers, one on the top and one on the bottom, move it up and down slightly and right a left. Do that after you put the antibacterial so it gets wet and easy while you re doing the process, don't be hard on it just a twirl light motion would do.

    By Needle:

    You need to put an antibacterial once a day.

    dont move the ring or play with it whatsoever.

    stay away from dairy and any product that has milk( I don't know why but that's how its done)

    try not to get any tan during this time, for a week.

    You have to wash your hands before applying this, don't play with the ring and don't change it for a week.

    If the infection doesn't get better after a week, then go to a pharamcist and tell him what happened and he will give you a cream for it.

    Better yet you go to a tattoo and a piercing store and they will tell you what to do!


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  • buy tea tree oil and disinfect it. if it's really bad, then take a lot of vitamin c and probiotics to fight the infection. wash it out a lot and rest so your skin heals over.

  • I got my belly button done when I was 16 and got a second one done as I was 19. Unfortunately, my second one was rejected after 6 months.

    Try to get/push the "white stuff" that is inside out. then use the antiseptic spray you got on it and make sure it goes in as well. Wash it twice a day with antiseptic soap and trie to walk around with her shirt up ( at home lol) so that some air can get on it.

    Also, do NOT take it out (if you thought about it) as it is still infected. Then the infection and bacteria will stuck inside, while skin is growing over it... which will be very nasty at the end.

    However, if it does get better but the skin is becoming less and less, then I would advice you to take it out. I did it as well... it is sad but better than a scar there.

  • I've had mine pierced for 8 years now, I pierced it myself. That white stuff is pus. If it is infected you need to keep it clean and probablly put gauze or a band-aid over it to prevent dirt from getting in the wound. If it is painfull you need to take the piercing out.