Am I really still young?

I'm 17 I turn 18 in April I'm not a wise guy or a know it all but you know 18 years is a long long time and Im not saying Im old either I just dont feel like I'm young anymore. I'm too late to do things like sex & dating (two things I never got to do😞). I'm tge party guy I throw lots of parties and I love to dance. I teavel a lot with friends and family especially over the summer. I'm currently looking for a college to major in business. or Theater. I'm also looking into music production. I'm getting a dodge challenger as a graduate present from my parents and I'm having a graduate w/ all my friends (I have lots of friends and theyre all great) I'm looking for a second job (hopefully tacobell) but all thats besides the point people say I'm young but I'm not feeling it.


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  • Maybe you have lived many times than some people of ur age before... if you buy into reincarnation.

    • I dont believe in reincarnation but I believe in after life
      I know I've only lived 17 years.

    • it doesn't mean your soul is bounded to one physical body. The past and future lives runs in one straight line and all effect each other simultaneously.

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  • I still consider my self young at 23... yea, you are for sure still young, I think you are young until you are in the throws of your career choice and possibly in a serious relationship/ children, that is when you really learn what it is like to be an adult.

    • I already planned to save money by not getting married and not having kids so I'm going to have more and bills won't be a problem
      Thats just one way I'm going to save and I do have a job I'm getting ready for college and a second job so I'm almost set for adulthood

    • The only problem is I won't get to have sex I'm too late

    • I mean, that is all well and fine, but there will always be something to be said for age and just pure experience in making you older... I don't know, I just think 17 is way to young to be feeling old, I am still too young to be feeling old. or even want to be old...

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  • I felt like that too... and I feel like that now... and I'll probably always feel that way. We're the kind of people who think that way in general.
    Especially when looking at ourselves as opposed to other people.


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  • I think we all had phases like that - Really just leave it and then something new will happen in your life and you will start to feel young again

  • 18 isn't even close to being old.

    • Again I didn't say I was old but I dont feel like I'm young I feel middle aged

    • I suppose our life style affects how old we feel to, I think most of us start to feel older once we reach 18 though.

  • Of course your young but you definitely not old I mean 17 and 18 year olds are not adults they are adolescents if you say your young and want to be young than you are young I mean I personally think next year which 19 I think is the adult age is when I will be old I'm not old yet I'd say for me 9-18 are middle aged but younger Than that is young for me

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