Cute, hot, sexy?

So ladies what does it mean when you call a guy cute, hot, sexy, handsome...What are the differences?


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  • Well here's my take:

    Cute - something adorable or endearing or perhaps childish, be it way of dressing, physique, voice, interests, general manner, mood, face, facial expression - anything that sort of makes me want to go 'aww!' or give him a hug, though not always in quite the same way you would to a baby or a kitten.

    Hot - good looking or confident in a way that makes me feel intensely attracted to a guy, usually sexually - I wouldn't say it refers to personality that much, though it can refer to your surface manner, by which I mean, if you were to meet him on the street and talk to him you'd be attracted to him; it has nothing to do with his values, interests, etc.

    Sexy - basically the same as hot, though the etymology of the word implies that basically, sexy can be anything to do with sex. But I use it to mean the same as hot.

    Handsome - having particularly masculine and visually pleasing looks, usually in the face or at least from the chest up. You could technically use it to describe someone's legs or something but I dunno, handsome face works a little better than handsome legs to me lol.

    There are guys that only come under one or two of these categories - for example, you might be handsome and sexy/hot, or you might be cute, or handsome and cute - but ideally I'd want a guy with all three (and more actually, but you only asked about cute/hot/sexy/handsome) so they're just individual traits. I don't group men into only one of the above categories - you can DEFINITELY be all three, and to me that's the best kind.


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  • I'm not completely sure but these are my guesses-

    Cute - nice looking with a sweet or adorable personality

    Hot - very attractive (not usually factoring in personality)

    Sexy - extremely attractive and seems confident

    Handsome - both attractive and great personality.

    Now some people may disagree, these are just estimations. I hope this helps though! =)

  • IMO:

    Cute: he has a baby face; I wouldn't mind be "too" friendly with him ;D lol; I wanna hug / squeeze him; or something a woman would do if she saw a small child.

    Hot: kind of the same thing as sexy.

    Sexy: I wanna sex him up; his body / face is soooo good...that I wanna do things to him a child should not see [ haha ]; delicious.

    Handsome: cleans up very well; looks very nice [ clothing and face-wise ]; good guy [ that's subject to change ]

  • Personally I call my boyfriend whatever I'm in the mood for. If he's cute... he's got such an adorable face and personality. If he's hot, he's got a nice body, and he's proud. Sexy is "whoa! hot!" Sexually attracted and he's probably an extremely proud and confident guy. Handsome is the cross between cute and sexy for me. :)

    I'd basically say it's the same point of view as a guy calling us cute, hot, etc.

    Looks don't matter as much as personality.


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