What would you define this girls body type as?

I recently went on a few dates with a girl. The problem I'm having is figuring out here body type. It personally does not matter to me since she looks fine as she is, but I still would very much love to learn what girls like her would be labeled this days (I'm pretty out of touch for a 22 year old guy and don't care about the new labels and what not).

The girl calls hereself fat. She is 5'2" and as she told me 130lb. I can't say she is curvy other then she has well defined breasts and a big butt, nor can I say she is chubby I don't think 130 defines her as chubby. So what would you call a girl that is 5'2" @ 130lb and has some meat on her bones to show for, slight belly. But outside of that health looking girl.

Again I just want to know what people like her are labeled this days. Most would say I'm skinny or thin but I don't see myself as either just slightly below average.


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  • just an average girl.

    • Thank you. I don't understand why we create this labels for :(

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  • According to the BMI calculator 5'2 130# is in the normal range. She's definitely not fat.

    • I forgot about BMI. It's still bit funny how hight plays a difference. I'm 5'7 @ 128-130lb. And I'm pretty thin person, so she really confused me when she was referring to herself as fat. In my head I was going... Well I'm about 130, and not fat? Big thanks man.

    • Anyone at 5"7 with the same weight as someone at 5"2 will always look thinner. Weight is spread out more

    • You are still normal but pretty thin. You'll probably get a bit heavier unless you are very active. I'm 5-8, and I was a skinny 125 at 17, 145 at 21 and 155 at 30.

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  • Honestly that weight/height ratio is perfectly healthy. She might be slightly overweight BUT it all depends on a lot of other things. Like how it's distributed and if she's big boned or what not. Also how athletic she is. Now for me, I'm 5'7 and 110. I dont think i'm "fat" but I definitely have a belly! So it really just depends. In this society any healthy weight is unacceptable. Just make she she knows she's love and that her weight doesn't matter as long as she's healthy and is controlling it. Tell her she's beautiful, and she will be alright : )

  • She sounds like she's the perfect weight for her height

  • This can be a potentially really douchy question or it is a question where you want to see what body type you like since you like her body type.
    A picture is worth a thousand words. Ask her permission and post a pic. If you can't I don't think I can help you.


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