Would you date a girl that had a lazy eye?

Okay, assume you met a girl that had a good personality. She's creative, intelligent (though not a genius) and giving. By giving, I'm talking volunteering at various shelters, making small donations whenever she has a chance. She's happy to treat you to dinner and buy you gifts so long as you return the favor. The girl is quiet, not because she is insecure (generally, she is not) or feels she's too good to make conversation, but because that is her nature. She is blonde, 5'6", 125lbs, 34c and has been told that her body is nice. She wears dresses often but she would prefer to go out to dinner at some tiny little mom and pop type restaurant rather than an expensive one.

Would the fact that this girl has a lazy eye make her unworthy of you? Would this girl be destined to be alone?

I know I sound dramatic but I've been feeling a bit down on myself lately. And please spare remarks of "why don't you fix it? ". The issue with that is that getting it fixed costs money that I don't have, and my insurance does not cover it.

Thanks for any answers in advance.


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  • I'm the type of guy that gives honest answers. I will say what I honestly feel. It's not always what you want to hear, but you know it's how I truly feel.

    I think that its very awesome that you are very unselfish. But you need to realize that guys are visual and looks do matter to guys. That's not to say that you have to be hottest girl in the world, because each guy and girl has their own taste. But if a guy is attracted to you, then he will be attracted to you whether you a have a lazy eye or not.

    But just an FYI, I am pretty sure you can fix the lazy eye without surgery. I know my grandpa said he used to be cross-eyed, until he fixed it by concentrating and doing a self physical therapy kind of thing. But they do have physical therapy for eyes, and maybe you can look online and see if it's something you can do by concentrating on different objects and moving them around or whatever. Just an idea that doesn't include surgery. I just know that our body is amazing, and that we can overcome a lot of stuff if we put our mind to it.

    • Physical therapy for it does not always work - I have been doing that since I was 5 years old, I'm 21 now.

    • Oh, ok. Well I'm sorry to hear that hun. But if you're attractive to a guy then you're attractive to him.

    • Send me a pic and I'll give you my honest opinion

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  • If she had a sense of humor about it, and could make me see past it. If she was uncomfortable about the eye, then it would be hard not to feed into that uncomfortable feeling as well. I use humor to get past uncomfortable situations though, so not sure if that would work for her, but I know I would receive it well since that is my method.

    No one I have dated is "perfect", so don't feel too bad about your eye. Like you said, you can get it fixed some day; just keep that in mind. Better to find someone now who has a big heart and isn't shallow, than to wait and get the eye fixed and end up with a jerk who never knew about it to begin with.


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  • You sound like a wonderful person, and I'm sure there are lots of great guys who would love to date you. But how do you meet those guys? Volunteering at various shelters, or at other places, is a good start. Maybe taking a class at a community college. Or helping out at the local library or at church. Don't get down on yourself, hun. You just need to get out into the world, so you and your soulmate can find each other. And of course it's important to relax, and smile, and have some fun while you are out there (it's no secret that guys are attracted to girls who smile and seem to be enjoying themselves). Good luck!