Braces colour? Pick top five?

What colour is most attractive I'm getting it soon. No colours like black or something. Top five colours best to least. (If they're good I'll pick u as MHO)


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  • White ceramic.

    • Yes but doesn't the food stain it and make it a yellowish colour?

    • Actually that's probably a good point. Just don't get brown or grey. Every other color is fine.

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  • I think colors are are distracting from the face. I always get white because it blends better and matches all my clothes.

    • They have white there? I thought the food stains the white, and makes it yellowish colour.

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  • I had my braces off a couple months ago;
    I wouldn't go for yellow or anything too bright.
    I had dark purple throughout and liked it. So yeah.. Dark purple and blue ☺️


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  • 1. Light Blue
    2. Light Purple
    3. Red
    4. Yellow
    5. Black

    I used to have braces but those used to be my favorite back in the day.

    • I personally don't like red, because it's the colour of blood, and it's in your mouth, it would look like my mouth is bleeding or something. Plus yellow and black, it looks like I brutally stained my teeth.

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    • The blue purple and green seem ok. I just hate pink, and I'm glad u didn't mention it.

    • I never had the option of light pink. When I was in school. I always had mine light blue and light purple. Lol. However that was like 15 years ago.