Should I get piercings?

So I want to get lip piercings. But there are so many to choose from. Which type of piercings are easiest to take care of?


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  • They're all easy to take care of; you do the same thing with each.

    Lip piercings, no matter where they're pierced, are going to do the following:

    Make it hard to eat.

    Ice your lips, do a sea salt soak for 10 mins/day everyday for the entire 12 weeks, and you'll be fine. I recommend getting spider bites and using studs instead of hoops; I also recommend asking for a stud instead of hoops during the healing process.

    I have my 14 piercings including my lip.

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  • Wait till you're 16 at least.. it will give you time to ponder it more and take things into consideration.

    But to answer you.
    All labret style piercings carry the same level of care in the lips.
    However multiple can lead to complications as swelling can impact others.
    Ones like medusa and dalia are riskier too as they go towards nerve clusters

  • Stick with a hoop so it stops you from trying to take it out during the healing process.

  • answering the question I say no cause personally they are a turn off to me and I heard they are a turn off a to a lot of guys too


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