Girls, can you help me find a dress?

I absolutely HATE going out wearing a regular bra; it just doesn't give me enough support, and I feel more self-conscious. The only bras I like are my Nike sports bras. They give me confidence and support, but they're racer-backs, so almost any dress I try on, you can see my sports bra. I'm desperate for formal wear, because I've been getting invited to formal occasions more often lately and I'm expected to wear a dress, but I'm not comfortable in a dress where I have to wear a regular bra. If any of you girls know a dress that I could wear with a sports bra, could you please provide a picture and a link to where you found it?

My concern is up by the neck because my bra straps sit at the base of my neck. Not my back.


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    I turn some sports bras inside out to hide logos,
    also buy all white knock-offs via eBay
    and we have a Neiman Marcus whose salesmen have all kinds of ideas about dresses to solve that problem
    On line places I like include Fredricks of Hollywood...


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  • Why not go for sleeved or long sleeved formal kind of dresses that dont have the open back :)

    • That could work, however I was referring to the straps of the dress not covering the straps of my sports bra by my neck.

    • get the halter type of dresses thick strapped maybe? :)

  • I know ASOS has lots of dresses and I'm sure you find something online there. I have a frock and frill dress that I love and it covers the back so you could check out their website for more dresses. Do you know what kind of style you like?

    • Simple elegance: Not super sparkly, not "poofy", ya know?