Poll: Should curly girls start boycotting certain hair stores and salons?

As a curly girl I am tired of lying annoying hair salons. One hair stylist even asked me if I wanted a perm and said she doesn't like the word dreads. That's very, very, very disrespectful. She even advice to comb my hair everyday. I bet she only listens to black hair stereotypes and can't do curly hair for anything!
Not only that but many 'hair stores' only sell perms and weave. They act stick up towards natural haired girls. I don't need a perm or weave honey. These curls are forever and can't be tamed.

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  • It really depends on where you go to get your hair done. There are hair salons where they specialize in natural hair care. They can recommend natural hair products to you. Where I live hair stores have a hole entire section for naturally curly hair. I recommend As I Am products.