Great to see so many good looking women going on personality?

this is not really a question but after reading a lot answers to questions, its really cool to see that a lot of girls on here do put personality above looks.

so if I we ever get old,bald and wrinkly there's still hope for us... if we can charm ya's

anyways may as well make it into a question, is it personality or looks then ? which could you live without not which attracts you first ?


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  • I personally think intelligence and personality is a MUST. but then c'mon, they have to look somewhat handsome to us, otherwise, why would you even agree to date someone who you have no interest on their looks?

    I think looks IS important, but we're not looking for Brad Pitt or George Clooney (If I spelled it right!)

  • In my experience, when push comes to shove for either gender, it's personality that counts. If a guy can make a girl laugh and feel special, it'd be stupid to turn that down for a piece of ass. It's kind of sad to me that some guys feel so insecure about how they look when it doesn't matter nearly as much as they think.

    Both would be ideal, but when you find the right person they're beautiful to you no matter what.

    Have a merry, sappy Christmas :3


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