Girls what kind of guys do you look for?

I am spanish dark hair..and brown eyes... but I've noticed that I am really attracted to blond hair and blue or green eye guys.. .. So like wut attracts you in a guy.. Also personality I love it wen they make me laugh that's like my number one... and then their smile =D ..


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  • I like tall guys...or at least taller than me. I don't like light colored hair. I like my guys to have brown/black hair. Eye color doesn't really matter to me.

    As for personality, just someone that I can click with. Also, my number one is that he doesn't get panicky very easily.

    • Well I personally , I like guys who respect emselves,honest, caring. I don't really care about outer beauty as long as the person has inner beauty. its the most important thing.

  • I'm hispanic too with dark hair, blue eyes and light skin. I also prefer a much taller guy, dark hair and beautiful big brown eyes. He has to have light skin though. The thing I find most attractvie in a man is when he oozes confidence and treats me like he adores everything about me. If he can do that, I'll be wrapped around his finger.