What do guys think of emo girls?

honest opinion please, and any there info


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  • Depends on how emo. describe the emo you are talking about. to the extreme I don't like.. kind of creepy, not in a creeper way, just scary kind of creepy, but yeah please describe the kind of emo you are talking about

    • 'scene' style, you no, side bangs, black teased hair, plays bass, wears skinny geans like in my pp, nothing too extream like selfharm

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    • Haha oh yeah your in the UK. 5 hours ahead of me, well maybe you should get some sleep. well I wouldn't say its impossible, stranger things have happened but unlikely. snake bites are nice, but 1 lip ring for me on a girl is a turn on. snake bites to me are like earings. just another piercing.

    • Oh yh so it's only, like, 8, awsome. hope you had a good christmas! probably speak to you somewhen else then, hope so!

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  • Guys in my peer group think emo (guys and girls) are quite laughable and do not take them serious. I am not an exclusion from this and believe the 'emo' mindset is ridiculous.

  • I think scene girls are very pretty and I understand, respect, and support the scene philosophy. I don't like the exclusive nature of the scene though.

  • if you mean like, the "emo" or "scene" style of dressing and stuff then I think it's kinda cute and I'd date someone like that. but if you're talking about like, a severely emotionally distressed person the no I don't find that very attractive and I'm not sure I'd want to get involved in that unless I though she was really an amazing girl


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