Any girls have experience with waxing their own vaginas? Or tips on ingrown hairs?

I always get horrible in grown hairs when I shave and it's embrassing I am dating a guy right now and want to be smooth instead of looking like I have pimples down there.

I can't afford a brazilian wax so often so I want to do it myself any tips?


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  • Go wax or laser.

    Laser cost a tiny bit more but you don't have to do it as often.

    • I dont think you can laser your actual vagina though probably just your inner thighs.. laser is not meant to go on the genitals

    • Yeah you can.

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  • Give your skin a break before you shave again. Shaving over the bumps will only make them worse. The boyfriend is just going to have to deal with trimmed. Make sure you always use a sharp razor and shaving cream. Exfoliate with a soapy washcloth before and after you shave. Use a toner every day except the day you shave. Exfoliate with the soapy washcloth, moisturize, and apply baby powder every day.

    If this doesn't help with the ingrowns, just trim. Some skin and hair types are just not meant to deal with shaving and that's okay.


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  • Make sure you trim the hair before you wax it. Two reasons.

    1) the longer the hair is, the more it will hurt when you pull it out. I went into shock once waxing untrimmed hair.

    2) you will use less wax.

  • I waxed mine myself. It hurt.

  • it hurst too much to do it yourself.

    • I don't care about the pain more about the technique

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