What's an easy Disney costume?

My sister and I are going to a Disney themed costume party Thursday, and she needs an idea for a costume. I am borrowing an Ariel costume, so I'm set, but she needs one still. She has short brown hair, and the only wigs she has are a red/brown shoulder length one, and bright red and blue k-pop style wigs, neither of which make me think of Disney.
We are also considering all Disney owned franchises. She considered black widow from marvel, but we can't pull the costume together. Her hair is too short to put up like Leia from star wars, and we have limited resources. Any ideas? My friend that is coming is going to be Peter Pan, and just wear all green and make the hat. So I know simple costumes are possible.


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  • Tinkerbell for one or Elsa


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  • Any way she can be a version of Minnie Mouse? She can somehow pull her hair up into small buns, wear a red ribbon, red lipstick, a nice dress and maybe a black dot on her nose? Kind of like this


    Or maybe Boo from Monsters Inc. Pigtails again, pink shirt, purple leggings, white socks/shoes if you're going outside and maybe a Sully plushie or something?

    • Some awesome ideas! Unfortunately, at the last minute, she decided that she wanted to cosplay as an anime character, completely turning my Disney theme upside down. Lol

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    • Definitely! I especially liked the idea of boo. Another idea I had was Darla from finding nemo. I wasn't sure how to fake the braces though... The headgear would be easy, just some wire from a craft store

    • Haha Darla! That would be a good one, too. Maybe get a really long pipe cleaner and have some aluminum foil in pieces to make it look kind of like her braces? Or the craft wire, that would work, too!

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  • Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa, Mary Poppins, Belle, Maleficent, Dory, Milan and Alice