Girls, What hairstyles can I use?

I have very curly, knotty, messy, puffy hair and I don't really do a lot of things with it. The only hairstyles I use are is braids and a pony tail (which I hate doing because my hair gets knotty from leaving it out). I use conditioner, gel, hairspray, and A LOT of detangling spray. I do straighten my hair but when I do it takes about 3-4 hours to do it and I can't really do it all the time cus in the hot weather my hair gets frizzy so I only do it in the winter. I need to know if there is any hairstyles I can use with this hair. If you have this type of hair please tell me what you do.


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  • Deep condition it, rinse out all products, put grease in it then gel and wear it down. i do it all the time and people love my hair. Are u part black?