Girls, Girl, why do Guys in spandex bother you?

Just wondeeing why girls dislike seeing guys in spandex i mean if you dont like their body dont look a lot of women aren't exactly pleasing to the eye either and we dont complain about it

What is it about seeing a guy in spandex thats a turn off tho? All it does is show his body?

I wear spandex to my gym and sometimes get a few looks.
Its quite annoying that guys can't just wear them without this whole socially wrong thing they have about them.

( okay this is for guys wearing them in the gym only, not in public )

Girls, Girl, why do Guys in spandex bother you ?
For example how is this unnatractive to women.. all it does is showthe shape of our legs.. nothing more? Would you still complain if we wore shorts? No ! Even tho thats our legs revealed.. yet when we cover them its seen as gay and unnatractive?


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  • it doesn't bother me.

    • So you wouldn't find it weird or odd if you saw a guy working out in just spandex? Judging by most girls opinions on it, it seems to bother a lot