Guys, How would you like your girl to be dressed?

My ex would always want me to dress specifically after 3-4 months of being together :/

Basically he liked me when i wore:

1. Dresses
2. Jeans
3. Regular shoes ( chucks/converse, vans etc)
4. Sandals

other than the tiny list of things above, everything else was considered -.- UGLY.

I wanna know what you guys prefer, or if you have any preferences at all.

tbh i hated it when he talked crap about my creepers (shoes)/ wedges and flannels and such


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  • He made you dress how HE wanted? That's messed up.

    Tbh I don't know what I'd like a girl to wear, just whatever's comfy I suppose

    • Yeah I'm happy we broke up... I really take pride in how I dress :)

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