Guys, what do you think of eyebrow filling/shaping?

So many girls are filling their eyebrows nowadays, and I just think it looks so bad!
In some cases the result can sometimes be natural but most of the time it looks so fake !
its the only thing you see on their face and to me it doesn't look good at all.
What do you guys think about it?

  • It looks beautiful, I want my girlfriend to do it
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  • It looks okay, wouldn't mind if my girlfriend did it
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  • I don't really Iike it , I'd rather my girlfriend didn't do it
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  • Ewwww no thanks
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  • I think the whole eyebrow sh** is as stupid as it looks


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  • I think it looks ok. It doesn't look good on every girl. Some girls it looks good and on others it don't look good.

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