You girls sure are complicated ;)

As usual I fail to recognize if this is flirting or not, but if you are walking along and a girl in front of you looks behind her, sees you and smiles before turning to her friend saying something and her friend turns around to look at me, is this a good or bad thing? did she tell her friend I was cute and to look? or did she make a joke about me and her friend looked to see what she was on about?

Sorry for my usual silly questions, needless to say I'm pretty clueless when this stuff happens to me :D


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  • They found you attractive OR they noticed something that was funny and wanted to share it with a friend

    My opinion - is that they found you attractive. An easy way to tell is to look for non verbal clues (facial expression / smile / eyes / etc) and cross reference those clues to previous observations from other individuals (Similar as to how you can say if someone is angry or not by their "tone")

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    • Thanks, good to see you are still one of the coherent people on here :) This answer gave me a clearer way of looking at it, something I don't really consider in the moment... Seems abit obvious now lol

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    • I'm sure you will, I'll do the same, I see you around often enough :P not so much on the question front though :P

    • Haha yeah - I tend to stop when asking a question because I usually feel stupid for being a hypocrit in giving advice, but not following it =/

      To each their own I suppose. Thank you for sticking around, it's really cool seeing familiar faces at casual places ^_^ I'm a poet and I didn't even know it ;D

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  • ok , so when the girl looked at you and smiled, taht is a definite sign that she liked you, or that she thought you were cute and wanted her friend to check you out for a secon opinion.If they laughed after both of them looked..yes they made fun of you,but if they just's all good.


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  • This is what I don't understand, why are you guys trying to analyze and figure out what happend after the fact that it doesn't matter anymore? It is impossible to know what she said to her friend, she could have said hey doesn't he look like so and so, or do you think he's attractive, or hey look at his shirt, do you think it's cool or weird.

    The only way you would have known what she was saying is if you simply asked her, I don't know about you, but if some hot chick turns around looks at me, smiles and then says something to her friend, and her friend looks at me, I would go hmm what was that about and I would have asked her what's the joke I wanna hear, or oh do I have something on my face? Or I would have simply introduced myself. Who knows what they were talking about, but if I really wanted to know I would have found have out by asking the source. So why didn't you just do that in the first place?

    • Its good to analyze incase you end up in the same situation again, learn by mistakes and so on... I lack confidence to talk directly to someone without having an idea on what their purpose of looking at me was, if they looked at me and I took it wrong, I would look like a twat really...

  • yes, they probably thought you were cute or something..

    most of your questions have something painfully obvious like this situation in them...are you really that...lame?

    hard to believe anyone is that oblivious so it kind of appears like you're trying to boast or something o_O

    • I know, I'm really actually clueless when this stuff happens to me, I'm just not used to it, I've only had anything like this happen to me in the last year and abit... So I'm new to this stuff, and I am rather lame, I barely leave my house, as sad as that is...