What's your opinion on how I look?

please look at my profile picture and tell me what you think. I'm just curious. I don't mind criticism


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  • You look very relaxed with the glasses and the casual shirt / pose.

    All of your hair is kept in a tidy condition - which shows your hygene is rather good

    The way you hold your posture shows your confidence without being too cocky or "trying" to show your confidence (Which is a great thing).

    I would recommend switching up your clothing style - that's the only thing that caught me a little alarming, the shirt looks worn - so if it's history, put it on the hall of fame (for being your red shirt, lol) and then grab some more clothes.

    I like to switch up clothing styles at least every 2-3 months. It keeps things original and keeps people guessing.

    Additionally - it looks like a rather old photo, I'm guessing it was taken in the last year and a half.

    Best regards,


    • The question is for girls but thanks anyway. how do you know its old?

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    • Haha ok bro thanks for answer tho

    • Anytime man - if you need more advice, let me know ;-) I can be of assistance.

      (P.s. I can tell you right now - that you have questions that are unanswered)

      *Stalker music* - Lol jp man..

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  • Your looks are fine, attractive.

    However, your stance - arms crossed, eyes glaring - looks a little bit know-it-all.

    You look good in general but maybe want to work on looking open and approachable.

  • you're definitely really cute! I think you could take it to the next level by using contacts or thick dark rimmed type glasses. those are totally sexy on guys and would work really well on you.

    • Thank u. I will think about glasses. but I don't look good with contacts on.

  • You're cute! I like glasses on a guy :)

  • you are a cute guy definitely.


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