Sometimes I feel really ugly and worthless, feel really depressed, so, strikes I wish I was someone else?

i just feel so ugly and pointless so, strikes I cry about it all night long and sometimes I can not think about it, I'm 21 and I'm not fat or anything but I wouldn't say I'm gorgeous and i know for a fact nobody would take a second look at me without having a lot of make up on and spent hours on my hair and make up :( everywhere I look like on the streets or on Instagram or looking at famous actresses I wish I could just look like or be one of them, my main insecurity is probably my smile, I wish I had a big smile like marylin Monroe had but my smile is very small and I always get told I look very young because I have a small face :/ i also feel ugly because I can't find a boyfriend or anyone to care about me, I was deeply in love with my ex and he left me a year ago and I just think ill never be good enough for anyone now :(


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  • Hey, looks aren't everything. I knew a girl once who wasn't a 'stunner' but because she was confident, funny and had just an awesome personality she was one of the most attractive girls I've ever known. That's true, I'm not just saying that.

    Don't let that Facebook and instragram bullshit fool you. The girls who constantly post pictures of themselves with questions like 'boys, how do I look?' Get on my bloody nerves. They're insecure and behind closed doors many of them have pretty screwed up minds. I don't find those girls attractive at all.

    Instead of worrying about how you look, tryyourbest to concentrate on becoming more positive, get some new hobbies, try to enjoy life and laugh a bit more. That's what's attractive in a girl, looks are worth nothing if there's an ugly person underneath.

    Hope that helps.

    Chin up girl.


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  • You need to start accepting yourself before someone else will accept you, I used to be on that boat hated everything about myself even my chest lol but only because I was bullied because of it. Never got asked out and I couldn't stand it, it was driving me nuts then finally I asked a male friend of mine why no guys asked me out and he said "Because you always look at your feet and when you talk it's like you're whispering and you hunch your shoulders so they know you don't have much self esteem, work on yourself right now get better and love yourself or if you attract someone it'll either be a guy who wants to always take care of you or a guy who will abuse you so fix yourself. So that's what I've been doing every morning I wake up after I take a shower I check myself out in the mirror compliment my body and flirt with myself ( i know that sounds weird but it works) ex. (Nice, you're looking hot this fine morning) it's very embarassing but no one else is in the bathroom to judge me and my weirdness. Talk to yourself compliment yourself hit on yourself and lastly fall in love with yourself you can't expect love from someone else when you can't even love you.


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  • You are who you are. Embrace it, cheer up a little and don't overthink about it !


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  • Babe i bet you are stunning. I say this because you speek in a nice way.

    Also your still crazy young and need somthing fun to do to stop you thinkking about men etc.
    Also you had a boyfriend so you obvisly pretty.

    Dont ever let anyone get you down
    Find your dream and live it
    Suround yourself with posative things like posters and suround yourself with possative people kick anyone horrable out of your life

    There are thousands of people feeling the way you feel
    And there are lodes who know you have no idea how you feel and think your stunning

    Talk to your freinds and family and be happy

    Always know there is one person admiring you from afar dreamming of spendding their life with you... they eaither haven't met you yet... or they are shy... or they dont think they are good enough for you

    Belive me there is someone for you.
    But you need to dedicate youself to you and doing thongs that make you happy... this year is your year do evrything you want

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