How to keep eyeliner from smudging through out the day?

does anyone have any tips for getting liquid to stay on on your lid when doing winged liner and stuff? the wings always fade out or the liner smudges into the inner/lower outer corners of my eye throughout the day and it's the most annoying thing in the world.
i've tried a makeup setter from urban decay and spent $30 on it and it doesn't work at all. lmao. i've also switched liners but it happens with every type i've used. :(
I use the liquid to dry felt tip pen type,, i stay away from gel because i'd imagine that would smudge even worse..
i avoid touching my eyes but it still finds ways to look terrible by the end of the day.

thanks in advance x


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  • Get a thin brush and dust a little black eyeshadow under (and if you can, very carefully ON) your waterline. I have to do this because I tend to get watery eyes.

  • put on eye shadow on top of the liner. it will seal it in.