Girls, underwear questions?

1. What type of panties do you wear?
2. What are you wearing now?
3. which is your favourite type and color?
4. how often do you change your panties? (i change my panties every week)
5. are you walking around the house in underwear? (i love to wear only my undies in the house and in front of my family)


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  • lol soooo obvious that this is a dude XD

  • Well, if you want to know:

    1. Thongs, small briefs or commando.
    2. I've just got out of bed, so I'm stark naked.
    3. White thongs.
    4. Twice a day. If it's really hot, I'll go without.
    5. My family are naturists, so we often see each other in underwear or starkers.

    ... and I'm not joking!

    • Its perfect about your family. I need some advice. Could you please send me a message?

  • 1. Cotton fullback hello kitty panties.
    2. Im wearing a white one
    3. whie cotton Full back
    4. I change it every 3 days
    5. 24/7, I love it