Are you with kids' beauty pageants or against it? and why?

I was talking to someone the other day, we were discussing kids beauty pageants and it seems that a lot of people are with it and don't see anything wrong with it, when am sure that they've heard stories about child abuse, rape,murders..etc etc , we all heard of Job Benet, yet they still can't see the danger they re putting their kids through.

I personally think its is 100% wrong, the kids are baked with make up, wigs, fake teeth and eye lashes, they basically look like creepy dolls or 30 year old women.

its like they are raising their kids to be superficial and they re actually promoting sexuality..

So I just wanna know, what do you guys think...

Are you with it and why?

Are you against it and why?

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i meant Jonbenet ramsey


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  • My brother has a daughter who participates and wins most of the pageants she is entered in. It is the little girls mom who insists on entering these pageants. I am sure the little girl enjoys these things and also does it to please mom. I understand that my brother has shelled out as much as $2,500 for a dress she will wear once or twice. I think it is insane and the people promoting these pageants are preying on the moms who are trying to live out some weird fantasy. I believe it makes these kids learn that looks are more important than inner beauty.

    • Personally I think its wrong, it teaches youung kids that to be beautiful they have to put on make up dance around and see whos better. they put so much effort into making there kids win, there just teachng them how to become shallow people as they get older.

    • They re teaching them to be the most superficial people one earth, obviously! why would a kid need all this make up, wigs and crazy stuff anyway!

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  • i don't like that. if I have kids I would not let any one judge them. screw that. I just wouldn't like someone up there giving my kid a score on how good they look, they will be beautiful to me and that is that really matters. no one will judge my kids but themselves, I think the whole beauty pagent thing is f***ed. what makes someone beauty is a combination of physical and personality and those contests rely heavily on physical which to me is shallow and completely f***ed.

    • Ofcourse they do, I mean am against beauty pageants anyway, whether its kids adults or whoever, but when its a kid who is being judged that makes it even more sad!

    • Its pretty disgusting

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  • I think that it is ok, if its the childs decision, and you do it just for fun. Like ballet or tap or sports. If the child doesn't like it any more no pressure to stay in, but if they would like then I hope they can do it and have fun.

    • Even if its the child decision, not everything the kid wants is acceptable. its not like ballet or sports, because that's dancing and basicly working out, being more flexible..etc etc

      You don't have to wear fake stuff inorder to look like a midget.. dancing and sports is healthy for so many reasons, but beauty pageants when the kid is being judged by strangers in big up dos and swim suits, allow me to say that even if its the kids decision, the parents should not allow it whatsoever!

    • I still couldn't judge against it. I still think, if you have the good morals and education in something then if that what my child wanted to experience for a while, I wouldn't want to take that away. But I would make sure that they understood what was going on and if I believe they didn't have the right understanding then I probably would say no. Just saying no staight out doean't seem to be correct to me. I'm fine if other disagree, I just think its a choice.

    • Everything is by choice, am against it for my own reasons, that may be or may be not true... its just opinions!

  • I think kids should be kids. Life is quick and you don't want to miss out on childhood.

  • i don't think kids should be taught at that age that beauty is that important.