Can I get a hoop earring when I get my helix pierced or do I have to get a stud?

I like studs I just like the look of a hoop more, I just want to know if I can or how it's different in healing and what not.


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  • I think they will give you a stud initially so it heals properly. Anytime I got cartilage pierced they said they couldn't give me a hoop

    • I also read that a ring gives it more space to swell and "breathing room" so it heals quicker but everyone has different knowledge and experience. I think it's one of those things you just gotta try and experience for yourself.

    • I think it also has to do with getting the jewelry into the hole once it's pierced. A curved barbell is usually the easiest.
      I think they avoid hoops also so they don't get caught on things

  • It depends on where you get it pierced. Some places will let you start with a hoop, but some will make you wear a stud until the piercing heals.

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