Girls, should I help my fried or no?

A guy friend asked me to help him dress like a girl for Halloween this year. He wants me to go pick an outfit with him and do his makeup. He even wants a bra and panties. Should I help him? if yes what should I have him wear?

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  • Why not? It's for Halloween! 😛
    And you can dress him in a cute girly dress (like lolita) and a bra that is proportionated to him. If he is larger, then around a D or DD cup, but if he is smaller, then B or C cup. For panties, try showing him some thongs (to see after it how uncomfortable are those sh*t 😂). In shoe department, you can give him some platforms or heels. Not forgeting about makeup, something that maches with his outfit. ^^


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  • I don't have help with makeup. Why should he?

  • have im wear a raveling dress (if he's comfortable with it), or a skirt with a tank top. and definatly do a stuffed bra, you could try some ridicuosly frilly/ girly panities for him. you could try heels, or just nice flats

  • a dress and an a necklace.