Girls, Im just wondering howcome tucked in T-shirts on women is not a trend like howcome I don't see pretty women do it at all?

I'm mainly referring to my girls/women but in general howcome I don't see pretty women dress that way

Just so you know I don't want any rude or insulting answers if you don't want to answer the question or if you don't have a pleasant answer than don't answer it


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  • I tuck my shirt in and I know many other women that do...

    • You tuck a t-shirt in a assume and if possible can you send me a pic of some women that might do it I've always been dying to see pictures of women that do it Or you can show me a picture of yourself in a tucked in t-shirt

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    • Can I ask why?

    • I'm not gonna force you but I just want to see what it looks like because I never see that look on a girl and also I just like to look at pics of it because it feels healthy for me and makes me feel good about myself but if you really don't want to show me a pic I won't force you but if you don't mind it would be nice that's all I'm saying

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  • I always tuck my loose tops into my jeans and I like to think it looks OK on me.

  • Women usually buy shorter shirts nowadays. That's why you don't see it often.

    • Ok I don't ever recall ever being a trend but i just wish and hope in the future it can become a trend because than I will feel less insecure about the fact that I feel outnumbered in terms of my taste in clothing on them whenever I try looking up pics of women dressed in tucked in t-shirts I never really get any good photos or they rarely have any I find that there aren't many good clothing stores out there in general because earth is a war zone everything is getting destroyed and also I don't belong anywhere in this world

    • If it's really not a trend than I wonder why at a few or some jobs they want women to tuck in their shirts it doesn't make sense because I think sometimes a tucked in shirt is a stupid dress code when it comes to jobs it's actually the dress code I hate most in jobs but it's hardly clear to me about how everything works in this world I just focus on the positive parts of a tucked in shirt I like on women.

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