Today's the day I panick. Click and read details to know what I'm talking about since question is too long?

OK I'm so this upcoming school year to save up money for a better place to stay me and my family are going to be homeless. We've done it before no biggie but this year you know how people usually get new shoes and school uniforms and get their hair done and get school supplies. This year we aren't getting jack. And my school clothes from last year. let's just say I'm a messy eater and holes in pants aren't part of dress code. School starts on Monday Im going to be a sophomore. People judge first impression is everything. What do I do?

  • Better keep ya head up bush.
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  • Sit in a nice corner and cry.
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  • Stop being shallow and get over it.
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  • Make people love me with my sparkling personality.
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  • Run.
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  • Keep your head up!

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