What clothes do guys like to see girls wearing?

okay, so I am going to the movies tonight with a big group of my friends. I'm pretty sure that the guy I really like is going to be there. I always like to dress nicely but I hate being over dressed. Even though it will be dark in the theater I still wanna look good, so my question is what type of clothing do guys LOVE to see on girls? Please don't answer the stereotypical tank top and a mini skirt. Think practicality! It's like 40* out!


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  • usually what you prefer flatters you the best... so the guy you like will like that better...

    I'd go with your favorite jeans, a nice dressy/not too much top and whatever shoes you have that match that... lol high heel boots if you like heels or flat boots if that's what you like. Wear something that you know looks good on you, it'll give you confidence, and confidence is the BEST outfit you can wear. ;)

  • nothing.

    • In a sense you are right. but I doubt this is the date where she's gonna have sex. I think she's looking for a little more reasonable answer. such as jeans and a top, something that flatters her best feature. I know that's what I look for in a girl is if she's accentuating her best feature. miniskirts never hurt though. hehe

    • Fuk boys and what they want

      Wear WHO YOU ARE.