Is it weird for men to wear leggings?

I have seen a few guys in leggings this year. I am a guy and I finally decided to go buy a pair. I didn't think it was a big deal but my cashier almost passed out at the checkout line. What do you think of men in leggings? Do we look good or just plain trashy. Lets not base our opinion on what society thinks as a whole, i want your opinion. I have put a pole up, give it a vote!

I personally think this could become a trend. Leggings are VERY comfortable and you can take measures for nothing to show, so thats not an excuse, women have to do the same thing.

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Also, if you think it does not look good on a guy, or you just don't like it, do you mind explaining? Thanks
It seems like it comes down to two things.
A Guys Confidence Level.
A Guys Ability to not Care of What Others Think.

But when the inevitable strikes, and guys wearing leggings starts to trend, I bet you will all love it. Until then its weird. Notice a pattern?
I hate how were taught to conform to please others...


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love wearing leggings, they're comfy & give you freedom to move so I can see why you like it and I wouldn't see why guys should be judged for wearing them.. I mean wth - In this day and age people should be able to just wear whatever the hell they want and not judge each other for it, I mean haven't you got anything better to do?
    If you like it, wear it!

    • You just summarized my thoughts exactly.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I wear leggings on a daily basis. Unless Iim at work and then I have a pair of khakis on over them, but as soon as I get home the leggings come back out. Both for lounging at home and out about town. I get stares, weird looks, and of course the comments. But I don't care. It's just clothes, if it's socially "acceptable" for a girl to wear them than so can we. To hell with all these gender specific labels on everything. I just want to be as comfortable as the next person. To hell with your opinion because I'm comfortable as hell!

    • Gosh! This is the attitude i'm going to adopt. You seem like a brilliant man. Comfort or Conformity? Comfort...

    • My thoughts exactly. I love it when they all assume I'm gay... in which my response is simply this: "I ain't going home to your dick tonight am i?" And simply walk away

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What Girls Said 2

  • I think that people should just wear what they want.

  • I will definitely stare and then look away, but i wouldn't care, it's your life wear what you want to wear, life is too short to care about what people think


What Guys Said 8

  • It's just cloth... maybe in the future guys will use next generation leggings and girls wide pants...

    • Or we can all say, "The heck with it, wear what you want, certain people can pull off certain types of clothes, let them."

  • Men don't wear leggings, skirts are comfy but men don't west them wear shorts if u wanna something comfy

    • Men do wear leggings, mostly in the football world, their just not called leggings. I am not sure what you meant by, "skirts are comfy but men don't west them." Do you mean they don't wear them? And shorts are comfortable as long as they aren't tight, I agree.

    • Wear * srry typos

    • Ah yes, we have been limited to a very small portion of what's out there

  • I wear almost daily. From solid to prints, cotton to fake lather and super shiny to ultra dull. And I don't work out I wear them as a "FASHION" statement. Because I don't give a hoot.

  • You would get the "what the fuck" look from me and I wouldn't even care if you looking at me while I'm giving you the look.

    • That is a benefit of wearing something not generally accepted. It is very amusing seeing the peoples reactions. It strikes some interesting conversations as well.

    • Yeah that really is true.

  • Are you gay or really effeminate?

    I've only seen obviously gay and very queer men wear leggings.

    • I am actually in a very great relationship with my awesome girlfriend!
      These are the assumptions that make guys loose their balls and not want to try something new. Even i have them, its hard not too because it's what we were taught. Society would be much better off if we stopped worrying about what is correct and incorrect. I do not believe in merging genders or any bull crap like that but we should be more open minded.

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    • But they usually are.

      The only time I've worn leggings is under sky trousers...

      I bet you get a lot of attention from gay men.

    • We will always be labeled in one way or another. The only way to get what you want is to clip the label off of a stereotype. Most men aren't ready for that right now so I don't see much that can be done.

      You understand what they feel like though, i'm sure.

      I have not been in public with them on long enough to see who gives attention. When I do go to public, I will definitely have a shirt on that makes the leggings appropriate. I do not want to give the gay dudes a chance to check out more than needed. I also don't want to look like walking garbage. (Sad i have to say this, but i don't have anything against gays, i'm just not gay myself.)

  • Obviously it's weird. Do you ever see men wear leggings?

    • Did you see women wearing pants before they started the movement? I agree it's weird, just like it was weird for the ladies.
      Why limit what you wear based on how weird it is?

    • Because it looks fucking ridiculous.
      I'm not saying you shouldn't be allowed to do it. I'm simply stating that it's weird and I think it looks stupid.

    • Fair enough, Thank you for your opinion!

  • Weird, it's like skinny jeans only taken way too far.

    • Are you saying it's just weird on guys or both guys and girls?
      If its weird on guys, why not on girls? Other than social rules, and assuming the dude and girl were properly covered.

    • Gender equality means equal judgment in clothing for both men and women and that includes leggings.

  • The way men have been evolving, I expect the next generation to be wearing dresses in the next 10 years. Might as well start small with the "leggings".

    I bet you look cute tho.

    • Agreed. It seems there is a 10 or so year cycle that we evolve. Same goes for the ladies. In 2005 we started to exit the baggy short trend. Slow process, but were out of it.

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