My gay friend and her girlfriend are getting married in a few months and their trying to get a make-up artist. But the make-up artist doesn't know how to charge them because they are both the bride. They aren't the stereotypical lesbians, they both are very very feminine and they will both be wearing a dress. But should the make-up artist charge them both as brides or one as a bride and the other as a bridal party?


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  • i think they charge them both as brides. they charge for what they want.


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  • lmao thats not right. If anything you could hire through Craigslist

  • The bridal party only consists of bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and the like as well. So, because the make-up artist will be using her products which she will need to replace for an extra person and she has to make this particular face more "special," requiring more time and labor, she should charge for two brides.

    • That's what I was thinking. Because its not like a secondary person who isn't that important. Its the bride.