Body Dismorphic Disorder?

gonna keep this short as possible

I've developed body dismorphic disorder, and because of this I haven't been with a girl in years and I'm very private about it.

i have a lot of physical things that I keep being told aren't noticeable or a problem, but to me they make me very self aware.

and because of this I have a lot of rituals I have to do in the morning to make myself feel good enough to leave the house.

I have never had a problem meeting girls and I usually pull one at the weekend when I go out, but I never take it any further than the club, because I wouldn't want them to see my flaws and what I'm like in the morning with my ocd/bdd.

the problem I have is a girl I've been friends with for years that I know likes me and she wants me to ask her out and I really like her, but I can't make myself do it while I'm like this, I can't allow her to me like this. when I'm out and about I seem normal and look fine dressed up, but when I'm at home I'm a wreck.

what can I do, if I don't do something she will move on.


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  • I suggest going out with her. she likes you and might move on and I know you are going through this but just think: she likes you because she accepts you for who you are. firstly try telling her this and see how she reacts. she is ur FRIEND so she won't judge you but THAT will make her decide if she wants to be with you as more than friends. if she still does, then tell yourself "this girl likes me for who I'am". trust me, if a girl likes you she will like you no matter what. for example, my ex boyfriend had a drug addiction and I KNEW that and I still managed to like him no matter what because I had fallen in love with his was hard but true.

    **PLEASE help me with my most recent question** and msg if you need anymore help.


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  • I understand that something like this is very difficult and it's stressful. I hope that you are seeking some type of assistance so you can get your life back. I am going to assume you are since you identified the disorder and how it dissociates you from your own self and society.

    I think you should be honest with her without divulging too much information. Tell her that you share an interest in her however right now you are going through a personal issue. You are actively dealing with it however you don't want it to inhibit any potential relationships right now. You want to be in a better place all the way around do you can offer all of yourself. If she asks you to expand, tell her that you might at some point just not now. Ask her if she would be willing to chat from time to time and hang out occasionally. You will still keep the door open with her and maintain a rapport while you do what you need to do. I am sure she will empathize and agree.

    Best of luck.


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  • I wouldn't give a sh*t if I had Ron Jeremy's body, if a girl was all over me at the club I'd bring her home and dance on my roof in a banana hammock if it got me laid.

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