Why my pants always wrinkles around crotch region?

I have seen such wrinkles in boys pants. But my friends are telling it is bad to watch in girls. What's your opinion friends? It is around zip and below the zipper and pockets. Camel-toe... nah

Also, I wear this pants as uniform in our college. Three days I wear the same pants. On first day not much problem. On second day the front pockets which is white in colour starts popping out just while I bend or sit. On first day there is not much popping out. Why is it so? Is it bad?


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  • Different types of material will cause wrinkles in pants, i wear jeans and they look
    like i have a huge boner and it's all the material doing it ,


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  • Is it low waist and you are wearing it high waist?
    I think it does not have the right fitting. I had this problem in one of my NCC (National Cadet Corps) pants and it was irritating.


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  • i can't see it being a problem, it can be the style of the material


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