Would Sizing Down Make It Look Weird?

I am a size 2 on a fat day. I found a dress online and the SMALLEST it comes is a size 14. If I bought the size 14 and had it altered, would it look ridiculous being taken in so much or can they do that and have it still look normal?


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  • I say a good dressmaker would be able for it but check with them first can they do it because of the price of wedding dresses.


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  • Just find another dress. don't gotta do all that

    • Well... it's kind of a wedding dress and I'm sort of in love with it. :/ But you're probably right.

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    • You'll understand when you're looking for one.

    • If I look for one

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  • 2 to 14 is a BIG jump. By the time you got it to the right measurements, it wouldn't be the same dress or fall properly without a LOT of work on your behalf. I would just keep your eye out for something similar.

  • Ni try it!!!

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