With what measurements could a female be a 'standard' model?

Standard meaning not runway and not plus size. I'm really sorry about this question, they're really annoying but I can't find the answer just a lot of girls asking if their measurements are 'okay'


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  • I would have thought outside the specific areas of modelling you mentioned - It is a case of if you feel in standard range send your portfolio to model agencies or attend auditions for said agencies - I am sure they have public auditions and may provide a measurement range in application material.


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  • To be a model you have to be unique and have an outgoing and confident persona or image. My cousin's cousin was 5"0, maybe even 4"8 and she made $300 dollars an hour modelling for abercrombie and fitch because she had a unique face and looked like a typical westerner being half white and half chinese.


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