What should I wear to a FA recruitment?

I dont know what to wear to this FA recruitment. My friend said i should do "office look", so i was thinking about wearing white sheer blouse with black tube underneath and black leather pencil skirt, would this be okay? And also i want to wear a 4-5 inches pointed toes crocodile leather heels. Cause the one people are wearing when I googled it looks like this:

What should i wear to a FA recruitment?

And i think its kind of ugly.

And would it be okay if i wear branded bag? Like aigner, gucci or chanel? Cause they said all have to look equal (from what i read on a blog people who joins the recruitment are from every social status).

Oh and i also want to wear pearl earrings cause me and my mom thinks it makes the outfit look more put together.

What do you think? Is it okay? Do you have any other ideas?

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  • Conservative, professional, and not over the top. Poise, grace, smile.

    • Hmm.. So what do you think i should wear?

    • I'm far from a fashion expert. I just kind of know things when I see them, like how professional they look, or for a night out or whatever. I'm a total amateur when it comes to fashion. Worse than that.

      Maybe something like a conservative skirt? No heals, or low heals. Branded accessories may be a bit too much. For sure you'd be OK without them. Conservative jewelry, not the type of thing you'd wear for a night out.

    • "white sheer blouse with black tube underneath and black leather pencil skirt, would this be okay?"

      No to all three. That's not conservative. Nothing sheer. Nothing leather. I'm not quite sure what a pencil skirt is. I don't know what's current, but you don't want something so slim that you are showing too much curve. So nothing too forming to your hips and butt. No thigh. You don't want eyes drawn to your form. Eyes and attention should be drawn to you, not your clothes. The clothes will be noticed, but only something they take note of, nothing more. So a glance, then the attention is on the person wearing it.

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  • What the heck is FA?

    • Flight attendant

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    • So what do you think i should wear?

    • A nice blouse that's not too tight with no cleavage, a nice skirt or pair of slacks, sensible but nice heels, and tasteful accessories.

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  • that sounds good!