My makeup looks orange on my face? (girls, help please!)

first of all, it is the closest shade to my skin color. and it is a cream powder. but whenever I apply it onto my face, it kind of looks orange-ish? any tips or advice would be appreciated.


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  • perhaps you need to change the brand you re using or maybe you re applying it the wrong way

    but you certainly need to get lighter colors... I guess!

    Plus you can't just use one item on the whole face, you need foundation, concealer and blush shade on the cheeks, that's the minimum items to use, I don't like to use more than that on any occasion! the foundation has to be the same skintone, the concealer has to be lighter, the blusher shade should be the darker color of your skintone.

    there is this thing I don't know what brand it is but it is, I actually have been looking for it everywhere but I just couldn't find it, its like a concealer or lets call it a "Fixer or corrector" hehe it has

    (green, yellow, blue, orange purple and red)

    so if your face is a little bit orange then you have to use the blue shade, yellow/purple and red/green. You use the opposite color to get the neutral shade.

    Perhaps you need to use a lighter shadow color on your eyes to make them appear more.

    if you need more tips about this check Miss Chevious on Youtube, here is one of her videos about Face Basics 1 & 2



    Hope that helps, good luck!


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  • You probably don't have the right shade. Pink toned foundation over yellow toned skin will turn very orange. If you're confused about your skintone you could be neutral. Try a different shade and maybe a different foundation.

    • Thank you for the help.

      Do you know a good cream powder foundation that is oil-free (doesn't cause breakouts)?

    • If there are samples next time you go looking for make up, try a little on your wrist or neck maybe to see how it goes with your skin.

    • I personally use mineral makeup because is natural, free of chemicals, covers way better and helps heal skin. My fave is from oceanmist cosmetics. The only thing is that it is a loose power.

  • Ok I just lernt this and its kinda not so cool! but summer makeup is all based out of orange and winter all out of blue. so get winter foundation. just tell tehm you don't want the summer kind. because in summer every one tans and that works... winter not so much of a tan

  • its not the right undertone for your skin

    • How can I tell if a foundation has pink or yellow undertone just by looking at it? (sorry, kinda new to this whole makeup thing lol)