Is it true that guys classify girls as being cute, beautiful, hot, OR sexy?

Can a girl only be one of these things? Do guys even think about the meanings of each word when they use them to describe a girl? I'm just wondering, because I've honestly been described with each of these words before, and I'm kind of confused about it. I understand that each of these are compliments, but I just don't know which category I fall into, really. Is it really possible for a girl to be all of these things or a mix?

Also, why do some guys come up to me and say that I'm hot or pretty, but once they actually start getting to know me, they start calling me cute instead? Again, I'm not complaining, just wondering. :P


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  • I use the terms interchangeably and randomly. I wouldn't waste much thought on them.


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  • Nah, that's just different guys' words for the same things in most cases. Ignore it.

  • Well guys do rate girls sometimes, but no I don't think a girl can only be one of those; I call my girlfriend all of those things.

  • you can definitely be all of them, but I think it depends on how the particular guy sees you and how you look at the time. they might call you hot when they see you because you're really attractive, bu then switch over to cute because your personality lends itself to a cute vibe rather than a hot and sexy kinda vibe. sometimes I'll use them interchangeably but I usually reserve things like beautiful, pretty and gorgeous for the girls I really like


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