I need to get this over with? Am I good looking?

I need a females opinion...Am I good looking?


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  • LMAO to that one guy...well I can't say, cause I don't know you and yes that is an odd thing to say cause obviously I cansee you. lol. All women have different tastes...and most of them go for confident, independent, fun guys. As long as you respect a woman and make her feel comfortable and have a connection then you will most likely be attractive to her. Women care about looks but not as much as men...it's more of what's onthe inside :]

  • You're not bad looking, I think you look nice but I don't know about the perm? I guess you could pull it off it depends. You kind of remind me of Katt Williams a little bit. Just be more confident. You don't have to look like you stepped off the cover of GQ but if you act like you're good looking other people will believe it.


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  • hahahahahahahaha! you douche:L:L:L obv if youve not been told that's a know f***ing grow a pair and stop being a fanny:L!