Girls! Fashion advice needed?

Okay so I am 14 years old I go to highschool and I'm 4'9 and I have been for over a year so I think that's the end of my growing...
i really wish I could pull off the nice 'white girl' stripes and skinny ripped jeans trend but I'm just too short and stubby and can only pull off very little things restricting me from having a style
any style ideas? That would fit?
my school doesn't have uniform by the way
Girls! Fashion advice needed!?


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  • I know the short life as well, but I don't think you stopped growing just yet. grow spurts are at age 0 up to age 3, then again at around age 7, then 11, then around 15, then lastly around age 17. My sister grew another 8 cm or so when she was seventeen.
    Do you like the kind of tomboyish look? short people can pull that off. If you want to look taller, maybe try high waisted jeans? I thought that made people appear taller aha

    • Thank you
      I kinda just wear whatever I like but I really would like to have a style
      I've started wearing denim jeans rolled up at the ankles a lot lately and whatever top I think fits

  • Im 14 too and i'm going into high school too except i'm 5'6 but I like wearing skinny jeans and crop tops with basic jewelry and converse the thing that sucks is I have to wear uniform but I say wear what you like and makes you feel comfortable but some good places to shop are forever 21, areopostale, and hm or brandy mellville for basic stuff

    • Thank you
      In from New Zealand though so we have different shops that sell the same sort of things
      I'm quite into crop tops as well

  • You absolutely can but might need to shop in the kids sections to get the right sizes for the style you want

    • I have a fairly large bust 34D and wide hips so I shop at teen/mature stores and they have all the clothes that I like but I can't pull the majority of them off
      I can only pull off oversized things and shorts/tank shirts
      Some 'white Girl' clothes fit me perfectly and others I look like a pig in a bikini