What do you look for in a girl?

The question says it all.


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  • Well a few things. At first it's basically how they present themselves, if they look neat and tidy. But once I begin to talk with them I look for certain things such as intelligence and humour as those are important to me.

    I also like someone who is genuine and honest, has future goals and is a hard worker. Those all stand out to me as someone who I could be with or at least make a friendship with.

    Looks don't matter to me, just have to be clean.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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  • There are a lot of things I would LIKE her to have, but I won't name them because they're optional. Extra credit, if you will.

    The things that I MUST have from her though are:



    Witty sense of humor

    Self reliance

  • easy to talk to, kind but isn't afraid to make fun of me and joke with each other. warm eyes and smile. a girl I can take home but can also take out...durable in a sense. and she has to be crazy, not literally but letting loose for some people is hard so confidence plays a lot into that. generally enjoyable and chill and just herself, whatever that may be its fine as long as she is her self around me


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