Girls, what do you think I would look good in?

i had a girl on here mention style of your own personal opinion what would i look good in


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  • What do you usually wear? That would help..

    • well normally i wear a lot of jordan brand clothing

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    • No i don't and basically what your saying is that this whole time nothing has been wrong with my looks why i can't attract a girl its how i dress

    • I never said anything about how you dress because you never asked.. I thought you were cool with what you wear.. The only guys I see wearing a lot Jordan stuff where I live are white or aren't used to them. Aside from all that though you should look into all the west coast clothing styles. You're biracial, right? Kalin White and Jaxon Howden (mainly him) would be good west coast fashion inspirations for you. Kalin is all about sneakers. Jaxon really dresses good with all the boots, joggers, kilts, and long shirts, and shades he wears.

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