Girls, What do you think of what I have to wear for a sweet sixteen?

Black dress shirt
black vest
black pants
pink bow tie (tied tightly her demands she wants us to be as uncomfortable as possible lmao jk)
black shoes
she has asked for this and I was happy to say yes but she also wants suggestions I was thinking maybe to replace the best with pink suspenders that match the bow tie to increase the amount of pink to black
also im open to suggestions but she demanded Bowtie over necktie for me cuz she insists it'll go better so I thought that suspenders would go better what do you think tho? Any other thoughts? im my previous questions on my account there are pics of me so you know what I look like


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  • I think the idea of pink suspenders with the bowtie would look really good :) It'll be a good contrast that you wouldn't get with the black vest and it'll go along with the whole pink thing nicely :)

    • Thank you I've only worn them once but I guess I looked okay