Girls, any GOOD sites to buy clothes and boots from?

Hey, I was thinking of buying clothes and boots online since I'm seeing a nice and big variety! And I don't wanna make a mistake and order it from a "bad" site... Any ideas? And thank for answering :)

** thanks
Oh and if there's sites that don't have lots of Expensive prices it would be great !


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  • Zappos. com for shoes. All day erry day.

    • Thank you ! 😊

    • Np! And if you don't mind stuff made out of crate paper and beeswax rue21 is good. I got some great jackets and shoes there. Not great quality but good cheap clothing for looking good in a dimly lit club lol

    • Hahah ok ! Thanks for Ur advice ! 😄

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  • I recommend buying shoes in store unless you are like me and you personally know which store you order from fits your shoe size. I order online at H&M and I get the perfect size that matches my feet because I know my exact shoe size for that specific store
    Some stores do not give refunds
    H&M does not give refunds they give only exchanges

    • Ok thanks a lot ! 😊

    • I shop online and these are the sites I recommend for ladies around your age. Also make sure your card does not go into a negative. Credit will do that. Pay attention to shipping and handling prices. A shirt may cost $6 but the shipping and handling could be more
      Make sure you pay attention to their refund policy before buying things
      Learn your shoe size and pants size
      hm. com
      forever21. com
      macys. com
      kohls. com
      I have bought things online from these website before

    • Thank u so much for warning me about those things 😊

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  • I see you are from Spain and as I'm from the UK, I don't know if any of this will help you.

    Buy from a high street name you trust, a shop that you have bought from physically. Avoid online shops you have never heard of before, especially ones that have offers that seem too good to be true.

    Some of the shops I have bought from online within the last 12 months, without a problem are

    River island
    Pretty little thing
    New look
    Miss pap
    Little mistress
    Banana republic
    All saints
    Most of these are UK stores, but ship all over the EU.

  • Try Zulily!

  • anthropologie is a really good website, but more on the expensive side. i also like urban outfitters, American eagle, pacsun, and topshop. as for jeans, i go to aeropostale, since they fit so perfectly (i'm embarrassingly short!). stores like charlotte ruse and forever 21 are a lot cheaper, but the quality just isn't that great. either way, they have pretty trendy clothing!

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