Girls, Cruise ship formal nights? What to wear?

So I'm going on a cruise soon and recently was informed by my girlfriend that there are 4 formal nights she's done this before but I haven't and is isistent on telling me what to pack and wear for these "formal and semi formal nights" for the first formal night she is making me wear a tuxedo fine I get that next night a tailored suit and bow tie next 2 nights are semi formal and she picked out
khaki pants
whire dress shirt
red bow tie
navy blazer
navy sweatervest
black shoes

next night she also insists on a bow tie because (I'm dressing up for you why can't you wear a bow tie for me)
black slacks
light purple shirt
Dark purple striped bow tie
black suspenders (for whatever reason)
black jacket

what do you think about her choices she likes to micro manage and is quite insistent and controlling over my wearing a bow tie I guess she just prefers seeing them on me also I should mention that her outfits each night match mine I'm fine dressing formal I love to but what do you think I don't know why she won't let me dress myself for this but I guess she wants me to match her so no girl throws herself at me during events on these formal nights (which were a pretty foreign concept to me till now)


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  • I've been on cruise nights before. Bring one suit and some dress shirts. No tie is needed