Hey, do my hands look small?



This guy told me they're very small and put his in mine to see the difference. Was he just flirting or are they really small?

Also I got this new nail polish. Tell me how it looks ^.^


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  • He's flirting cause he knows it'll make his dick look bigger when he manipulates you into give him a handjob

    thats why guys like girls with small hands

    • :O i mean... waay to think deep, you guys are evil lol

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    • nah he's not that great. i mean we hit it off very well but im not really attracted to him, that's why i don't want to start a relationship with him :/

      Never thought about it before but yeah I'd like that lol. Never thought mine were so much smaller compared to guys anyways.

    • Well, at least now you know why guys like to compare hands!

      Every days a learning day, keep this fact in mind, maybe even use it as a flirting method yourself

      Ask to compare your hands with a guy, when he sees how small it is compared to them I think we both know what he'll be thinking.

      Could you post a picture of your hands next to a common object? I can't really tell their size from the pictures, would be interesting to accurately know

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  • They look normal to me. He was probably attempting to flirt with you.
    As for the nail polish, I really like it. It looks good! : )


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  • They look fine to me and polish looks nice, a bit bright for me but a lot of people will like them.


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  • first pic is not loading.. nail paint if fine.. :)

    • gosh it takes forever for it to load -_- just press the zoom button maybe it'll work.

      Thanks :)

  • How would I know? There's nothing to compare your hand size with! And I don't like the nail polish at all.