Is this a sign?

Guys, I need your opinions on this one.

So, I just got back from a three-day school trip. For the trip, we went all over the state. One of our stops was on an island and we stopped to walk around the beach in the sand for a little bit. My crush was sitting on the railing of the wooden bridge thing that crossed over some rock to get to the beach and my best friend and I were standing and talking by the water.

We were the only ones in the particular area there, with an exception of a few guys about ten feet away. My friend told me to look over to where he was because she thought he was looking at me, so I looked out of the corner of my eye, saw that he was looking in my direction, so I turned around. As soon as I turned, he immediately looked the other way.

Now, I know as a girl, I do this kind of thing a lot when I have a crush on a guy. However, I was curious as to if this was a sign that there might be some intrest there.

Also, we don't really talk much. I think the probably one time that we've ever had a real conversation was about a month ago when we were both helping out at a performance evaluation that my band director was running and we were backstage the whole day with another girl and guy. The conversation wasnt anything great, I mean we talked about more general stuff, but we have been both smiling at each other whenever we pass in the hall, and we never did that before. We also have band together, and where I sit, he is across from me, but in the back row, I play flute, he plays tuba. We smile at each other whenever we have rests in a piece of music. Also he now comes up to the front of the room a lot now, and again, smiles. BUT there isn't any talking.

So, I guess I am trying to ask is if you think that he might like me, and how I can get a better idea and possibly start a conversation with him.



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  • Well if I don't know the girl that well I tend to do the stare until they look and then look away so that is not a definite sign but likely. The smiling and really depends on the smile you usually can tell by a smile alone whether or not a guy likes you. They might hold the smile longer and have eye contact for example.


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