Guys, do you find it hot or weird when a girl dresses vintage?

Like, I like to dress in 50's style clothing sometimes and I wonder if guys find that weird or hot? What would you think of a girl who dressed in vintage?





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  • I just have to say that I LOVE that last dress.

    • Cause its red isn't it. ha!. men (and some women) are scientifically proven to be attracted to the color red. besides its my fav. color anyway

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    • Thank you! I'll definitely be checking that out. =]

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  • Nah. I know a lot of girls who are Betty Paige worshipers and they pull off the retro 50s look pretty well.

    Are you talking more like authentic 50s style or revival 50s style clothing?


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  • You have very nice taste,my dear,and class!I'm with you,the older vintage fashions were so classy and feminine,I just love looking at the women and how they dressed in older pictures,photos and movies-they were so beautiful!I think that girls today dress so trampy and look more like bums,but that'a just me.Now ,don't forget some nice shoes and perhaps some vintage nylons to complete the picture!I have several outfits myself,and just love the look!

    • Thanks! yes, I do agree, most girls nowdays dress kind of trampy....I like the vintage look because it just looks so nice! That's what a real lady wears lol