Girls, what is the hierarchy of looks terms when it comes to a guy?

I was talking to my boyfriend about different terms that a guy calls a girl and how they have different meaning. For example, using the word "cute" to decribe a girl means she is less atractive than if you were to say she was stunning. He asked me if there was a hierarchy when it came to male terms as well. So i thought i would ask you all. Cute, hot, sexy, handsom, good looking... how would you put them in order to describe the most good looking to the least good looking guy?

This is what they guys said when putting girl terms in order
Cute = 5+, would not take serously
Pretty = 5+, not interested
Beautiful = 6+, considered
Hot = 6+, would pursue
Stunning = 7+, would go exclusive instantly
Gorgeous = 6+, term of endearment

Sexy is different. Sexy = 5+, sexually curious; it actually has very little value.


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  • Cute = Good looking in an adorable way. Also a guy's mannerisms can be cute, like if he does or says something sweet. I personally use this adjective the most; it may have to do with me liking guys with cute/boyish faces and caring personalities.
    Hot = I only use this word when I'm referring to a guy's actions (e. g. "It was so hot when he [blank]"). When I think of a "hot guy" though, I picture someone who's conventionally very attractive, but not necessarily someone I'd want to date.
    Sexy = I never use this word.
    Handsome = All cleaned up and looking good!
    Good looking = Attractive. I use these two words interchangeably.

    Cute > handsome > good looking > hot > sexy

    It's interesting how everyone uses words differently!


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  • For me, and in order of attractiveness

    1: Dashing
    2: Hot
    3: Gorgeous
    4; Handsome
    5: Good looking
    6: Cute

    Sexy is not really a good stand alone descriptive word for a mans looks, as it can be added to all the other four such "He's hot and so sexy".

  • Cute is definitely the lowest on the compliments hierarchy. Next is attractive or good looking (they mean the same to me). Handsome is more of a temporary term, like when a guy dresses up. Hot and sexy equate to a nice body and masculine face (at least for me). Gorgeous, stunning, and devastatingly handsome are the biggest compliments looks wise.

  • Physically:

    Ravishing > Handsome ≥ Gorgeous > Cute > Good-looking ≥ Attractive > Hot > Sexy

  • There is no specific hierarchy to me. If I use any of the words you mentioned, it's practically the same thing. However, many girls will probably disagree with that.

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