Black ladies, any tips for my hair?

I've not wore my hair out in over two years. It's always been in weaves or under a wig because I've felt it's not versatile and I can't do a darn thing with it. Products I use just don't seem to work. I lvoe seeing the pictures of other black ladies with their natural hair out in gorgeous styles and I always wish I can do that too. My mum claims my hair is very versatile and I just don't know what to do with it. But black hair can be hard to maintain and manage and I'm having a lot of difficulty doing so without my mum there 24/7 to help with it anymore. I can't even cornrow, tbh, she does it for me then I fling a lace wig on top.

I don't want to hate my hair anymore but I'm pretty stuck on what to do so any tips for me? I have no clue about products to use or anything to grow my hair and get it healthy so any tips or product recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Seems like most of the products I use aren't doing a thing and my hair still stays dry but there's so many and I'm so confused. Heck, even if you're not black or female but you got some tips for me, I'd love to hear it.


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  • Coconut oil, Jamacian black castor oil and shea butter are really good for dry hair, also deep condition it at least once a week with hair mayonnaise, it makes it sooo much softer and easy to comb through. The key to having healthy hair when it's dry is to keep it moisturised, and it will grow like no other. I literally drench my hair in mosturiser at night, cover my head whilst I sleep and I'll wake up with very soft hair. I've only started doing this more recently and I'm already seeing results.

    As for styling it, look on YouTube and there are plenty of tutorials that will walk you through how to cornrow, do twist outs, Bantu knots etc.

    • I think I heard my mum talking about Jamaican black castor oil before, I'll borrow hers haha. Thank you